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Estes Videos

MPG Enter the exciting world of Estes Rockets (01:38)

News Stories

MPG CBS News - On the Road: Reaching for the Stars With Rocket Science (New) (01:41)
MPG WINK News - YMCA Campers Mark End of NASA Shuttle Program with a Show of Their Own (01:41)

Ignite the Imagination Video

MPG Discovery Go For Launch (01:41)
MPG Eyes in the Sky (01:31)
MPG Framework For the Future (01:43)
MPG Newton in the Driver's Seat (01:30)
MPG Rocketry 101 (01:11)
MPG The Ultimate Roller Coaster Ride (01:09)
MPG Solar System Detectives (01:36)
MPG Stack 'Em Up and Ship 'Em Out (00:50)
MPG The "Wright" Way to Fly (01:41)
MPG Venture Toward the Stars (01:02)
MPG Viking Memorial Base, Mars 2134 (01:22)
MPG What Goes Up, Must Come Down (01:12)
MPG Yes, I Am a Rocket Scientist!

YouTube Videos

You Tube Kit Setup for Building Model Rockets (NEW!)
You Tube Estes Rocket Building (NEW!)
You Tube Estes Model Rockets Channel
You Tube Model Rocketry: The Last Frontier (Hosted by William Shatner) Part #1
You Tube Model Rocketry: The Last Frontier (Hosted by William Shatner) Part #2


Elementary Mathematics of Model Rocket Flight
Information on how to make and use your own altitude tracker and how to calculate speeds and accelerations reached by model rockets.

Engine Time/Thrust Curves
These time/thrust curves show the relation between thrust produced by a model rocket engine and time. This page contains time/thrust curves for Estes model rocket engines from 1/4's to E9's.

Estes Engine Chart
Engine info that includes total impulse, maximum lift weight, maximum thrust, thrust duration, initial weight and propellant weight for each Estes engine.

Estes Model Rocket Engines
Do you need information on Estes rocket engines? This poster includes how model rocket engines work and how they are classified.

Guide for Teachers and Youth Group Leaders
Introduces you to Estes' rocket technology, safety and launch day operation techniques. Plus, background on Estes Industries and the complete services offered in our educational program.
Igniters and Their Use
Exactly what is an igniter? This article explains what it is, how it works and the correct way to install one to successfully launch a model rocket.

Model Rocket Contest Guide
Use to plan model rocket contests for school classes or clubs. Contains details on types of competitive events and suggestions on all facets of contests from organization of the planning committee to championship awards. Includes sample score sheets.

Model Rocketry Study Guide
This book presents a logical program for anyone who wants the most from model rocketry. There is a planned sequence of activities through three skill levels that guides a student on his/her path to becoming an expert model rocketeer. A glossary and self-review are provided for each section.
Model Rocketry Technical Manual
Handy guide for construction and flight of model rockets. Good tips on "scratch building", launch systems, tracking, staging, boost-gliders and more.

Projects in Model Rocketry
Suggestions on how to plan, prepare and present research projects. Ideas for about one hundred projects. Projects range from simple exhibits to true research work. An excellent reference for Science Fair projects. Great ideas for clubs.

Rocket Designer's Plan Sheet
Blank plan sheet includes a parts list and notes section.

Rocketry 101
Provides the basics for model rocketry. Includes model rocket flight profile, launch site layout, engine information and preflight preparation.

Reproduction Masters for Model Rocketry
Set of reproducible masters that may be used to make overhead transparencies and handout sheets. Set includes: Model Rocket Flight Profile, Parts of a Model Rocket, Model Rocket Safety Code, Model Rocket Engine Functions, Model Rocket Engine Codes, Model Rocket Engine Time/Thrust Curve and Igniter Installation Procedure.