Estes Educator Publications

Science and Model Rockets for Grades 5,6,7,8
Lesson Plans on model rocketry basics, principles of flight, aerodynamics and more.

Mathematics and Model Rockets for Grades 5-12
Curriculum explores center of mass and center of pressure, then relates both to model rocket stability.

Physics and Model Rockets for Grades 8,9,10,11
Lessons on Newtons Laws of Motion and aerodynamic principals applied to model rockets. Includes a student book.

Industrial Technology and Model Rockets for Grades 6-12
Applies the vast range of industrial technolgy subjects through the design, development and study of rocketry.

Aviation and Light Gliders for Grades 2,3,4
Covers the history of aviation, aerodynamics, airport facilities and field day activities with light gliders.

SpaceLoft Lesson Guide for Grades 5-8
Lessons on the new era of private spacecraft exploration including the SpaceLoft rocket.